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Mutant mosquitoes have escaped from a secret lab in a tropical island and have been harassing tourists on the beach. As The Veteran, a war pilot with a mysterious past, you need to step in your vintage plane and put an end to this plague.

The Campaign is a mobile-based, arcade game that is easy to pick up but tough to master. Explore lush tropical locales while blasting away mosquitoes and skillfully avoiding buildings, cranes, palm trees, tourists, and everything.

Collect coins for all your hard work, and spend them to upgrade your plane, buy a new plane altogether, or get a new fancy paint job. Step into your hangar to tinker away with your planes and check how well you’ve been doing.


TheCampaign.apk 73 MB


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Nice concept, the fact that you can customize your plane is a really nice add-in. The gameplay is pretty tricky in the beginning but after a few runs you definitely get the hang of it! Keep up the good work guys! 

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Glad you enjoy the game!

Yes indeed, very much interested in participating in your Championship, I will check the link right away. 

Thank you for pointing it out!